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How to Add Star Rating in Blogger Post

Who added Blogger which is used to vote on topics and posts. A five-star rating, a five-star rating system will allow visitors to rate topics from one star to five.


Why you Need to Evaluate your Blog Posts

Diagnostics is a tool used by Google to rank search results. In addition, the assessment will help you closely monitor your posts and understand the degree of audience satisfaction. Poor evaluation means that there are things that need to be corrected, and vice versa that visitors are satisfied, and therefore the same methods should be used to create new topics and posts in the future.


Add star rating to the Blogger blog:

Follow the Steps Below:

1 - Change Fee from Blogger Template Open Blogger Template Tool and then Edit HTML


2 - Click anywhere inside the template code, then press Ctrl + F to find the template for <head />:


And directly above that, add the following code:

3- Now, search <data: post.body /> and below it, add the following code:

If your template has more than one code of this type, try them all until Eden is on


 4 - Save your changes and you're done

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