How to set up a Google My Business Account – MUR SKILLS

How to set up a Google My Business Account – MUR SKILLS

How to set up a Google My Business Account

Around 2013, Google released a new algorithm called "Google Pigeon", which revolutionized search results for commercial activities. This has allowed us to Search for stores near the user's location, as Google has changed the way store information is displayed in search results.

This includes information such as website, traffic direction, address, opening hours, user estimates, activity type, etc. This is the first result when searching for a business that makes full use of the options offered by GoogleMy Business. Improve your business visibility in search results and Google Maps.

In this article, we will provide you with all the information you need to know about Google My Business and how to get the most out of it from your store.

Specifically, we will focus on the following:

What is Google My Business?
How important is Google My Business to my business?
Basic steps to create a Google My Business account.
How to best use Google My Business Options (info, photos, videos, posts, FAQs, reviews, messages, etc.)?

What is Google My Business?

Google My Business is a free tool that lets you control your business, how your business appears in search results and Google Maps. Google My Business Tool is easy because you can add information like your business name, address, business hours, phone number and photos. And through simple steps like video, etc., this important information that users want to know is displayed at the top of the search results in the activity category for those looking for your business or the geographic location around you.

How important Google My Business is to my business

When a consumer searches for a product or service near them, they are usually on the way to buying in advance, as statistics show that in both cases they are looking for a local business. One of them visits one of these stores every day, so it's important to make sure that information about your business appears in Search results in the best possible way and with the utmost accuracy.

In addition, creating an account in Google My Business improves your visibility in search results, as it allows search spiders to learn more about your business, the products and services you offer, and your geographic location. Can do This increases your chances of ranking and matching relevant search results. Drive more traffic from search results to your website and social accounts.

Basic steps to create a Google My Business account

Step 1

From the Google My Business page, click "Manage Now" and then log in to the Google Account you want to use to link your business to Google.
Basic steps to create a Google My Business account

Step 2

Enter your business name and address. 

Step 3

Enter the type that comes under your business (pizza restaurant, sporting goods store, speciality clinic, etc.) and make sure you choose it carefully because you tell Google what kind of category you are looking for in the search results. Should see business.

Step 4

Enter the contact information you want the user to see, and you can add your website address, or create a site with the help of Google.

Step 5

Choose the Google Verification method to make sure you actually own the business, and there are options such as regular mail, e-mail or phone, and different ways to do this by phone and e-mail, Some of them are only available to some businesses, all of which are available, so you have to choose the authentication method you have, then you will get a verification code, and Google will integrate your data into my business. Will be able to manage properly.

If you're not ready to check out right now, choose "After".

How to make the most of Google My Business Options? 

How to make the most of Google My Business Options?

Fill in all fields of information

Add attractive images

According to Google; Image stores receive 35% more website visits and 42% more search queries than others that do not show any images on their Google My Business 5 account.

Therefore, to complete a Google My Business account, images must be at least 720 pixels in length and width in JPG or PNG format, and do not require special tools or applications. Because you can use your mobile phone to pick up these mobiles.

As can be seen from the previous image, Google categorizes images into several categories, the most important of which are:

Logo: This is an image of a file that appears on your list or when you comment on other people's reviews.

Cover image: This is the most important image of your account, as Google puts it at the center of your listing.

Inside: These images help you get an accurate idea of ​​what your customers will look like when they're in your business.

From the outside: Picture the store from different directions in the morning and evening and at different times, so that your customers can easily identify it at different times.

At work: Take pictures of staff when they are normally working.

The way you encourage your users to post their photos with your product on social media, ask them to add those photos to Google My Business and then publish the photos that are related to your business are not. Review them to delete them, which are of poor quality, or they may be offensive.

Take a video from the ground

Although you don't need to add videos to your Google My Business account. However, this will increase the diversity of your account and make you more prominent among competitors.

Don't include promotional videos, as this is not the best place to publish them, but include videos that show your workplace and the people who work in it, and avoid including such videos. Which have nothing to do with your business so that Google does not delete them.

Uploading videos to Google My Business is easy, as is clear from Google's guidelines for adding videos, the description of the video should look something like this:

Duration: 30 seconds at most
File size: 100MB max
Resolution: 720p or above 

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