How to Install a Google Blogger Template | MUR SKILLS

How to Install a Google Blogger Template | MUR SKILLS

When you create a new blog on the Blogger platform you will need to install a new template for your blog instead of the default template or main template, but why not use the default template with another custom template can change? How to choose the right template for your blog? How do you install it on your blog? We will answer these questions with this topic, which will explain how to find and install a suitable template for your blog.

Why should I install a custom Blogger template instead of the default template?

The default templates in Blogger are not well-designed for search engines, they look unprofessional and the design is largely simple, so you can improve your blog pages in search engines. The theory can be found. To ensure management and synchronization with smartphones, you need to install a new template for your blog on Blogger.

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How do I find a new template for my blog?

First of all, you have to choose the right template for your blog in which I want to choose the right template for my blog, after taking full care of your desired template for your blog, you can search the internet. You can start searching for it with thousands of templates available on Google, just go to Google and type “Blogger templates”. You will find many free and paid Blogger templates and sites, and you can download or purchase the right template for your site.

You can download free templates or buy paid templates, but it is better that you buy paid templates for your blog, and if you choose free templates, you should be careful because some of your blog Templates for malicious code, so you must download them from trusted sources, and you must download them. Be aware of developer rights as some free template developers do not allow you to delete their rights, and often they are links at the bottom of the pages (footers) that lead to their sites, so you should not delete these links.

Before downloading or purchasing any template, you can preview it directly on the demo blog provided by the template owner.

How do I install a new template for my blog on Blogger?

After downloading the template of your choice, you will find it in the form of an "XML" extension file, and after installing it on your blog; you will attach it to other files to help create the template. On Blogger, go to your blog's control panel, then click "Template", then "Backup / Restore", then download to keep a copy of your old template on your device. Click "Download full template", then click (select file) and select the new template's XML file, then click "Upload".

You can log in to this site; ThemeForest to purchase a template for your site or blog.
To localize the templates, you can access this site.

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