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How to Add Favicon on Blogger Blog

How to Add Favicon on Blogger Blog

The website icon is the symbol that separates each website, and it should be in a square shape, the preferred icon size should not exceed 100 megabytes, and it is best to keep it in PNG format. And you can use it for some people. Can use the JPG format.

When you open a website or blog, there is a site icon at the top left of the browser's link bar called the website icon? The icon identifies the blog. So that anyone can easily recognize our blog, there is no problem in recognizing your blog when multiple tabs are opened in the browser. In this post, we will tell you the details of putting favicon in Blogger blog, follow to know.

The site icon is very important to make the blog professional. Your site looks useless without an icon.

What is a Favicon? Why are Favicons Important?

Favicon is the identity of the website which is just as important as the website of our website. When we open a site in a browser, the site name and icon appear at the top.

In order to make a website clear, it is very important that the favicon of the site be the most distinct so that any new user can easily recognize your website or remember the identity of your site, so we Explain how to put Favicon in Blogger.

How to Add Favicon on Blogger Blog?

Before you add a favicon to a blogger blog, you should know the benefits of adding a favicon. Here's how to add an icon to your blog.

In fact, it's very easy to add a favicon to a BlogSpot blog. After reading this post, you can easily add a site icon to your blog.

Step 1:

First, visit the website and create a nice icon for your site. You can create it on any website or photo editor software. But the size of the site icon should be 16x16, 32x32 or 150x150. The large size will not show the icon, large size Favicon also affects the loading speed of your site.

  • First go to and log in. The blog dashboard will open.
  • Now Click on Layout option in the drop-down menu.
  • Now Click on Favicon's edit options.

Step 2:

A window will open in front of you. Now follow the steps given below.

  • Click the file, click on your computer, select the icon.
  • After selecting the icon, click the Save option. You will now return to your blog layout.
  • Click Save one last time.

Clicking Save will add a favicon to your blog. Now anyone can recognize your site. So this way you can easily add an icon to the BlogSpot blog.

Now whenever a user wants to read your post, they can easily open your site by looking at your site's icon from their browser history.

If your blog still does not have a favicon show, repeat the process or reopen the blog by deleting the browser history and cookie file, the icon will begin to appear.

If you have any concerns you can also add a comment below and one of our experts' will answer you.

And that's it; in this article, we show you how to fix the problem of not having the icon option of preferential settings in the new version of Blogger, and how to change the logo of your site, so that you can change the logo or icon.

I hope you enjoy the information in the post.

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