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How can I fix my computer?

Restart the computer

 Sometimes there is a simple and temporary problem in the computer, which can be solved only by restarting, because restarting clears the memory and the problem that was there can be solved.

Find solutions online

Google is a great help when it comes to system faults, and the solutions are often very detailed, where a detailed sentence can be written in a search engine to explain the problem, such as: "My PC is slow. Show the largest number of "running" solutions with details of where they will be. It is important to note that if the user wants to find results that exactly match his or her words, the "+" sign must precede the search terms he or she wants to match, but only if the user deletes them. Wants a word. If so, the code must be written before the words it wants to delete.

Delete cookies

Files, cookies, also called "cookie definitions", are relatively small files that are temporarily stored in a browser for easy loading of pages and cause some trouble when browsing the Internet. , So it should be deleted to avoid any hassle and problems with cookies may result in poor access to some websites or recurring errors while browsing the Internet. Appears on the screen.

The process of deleting cookies is very simple, because "History" or "Privacy File" is opened in the browser, and it is usually in the "Settings" or "Options" menu in the inspector or you access it. Can do To do this, use the shortcuts (Ctrl + Shift + Del), or (Command + Shift + Del). Each browser has a different method, and here are some ways to delete cookies in different browsers:

Firefox browser

In Firefox, cookies are deleted by selecting "Cookies" from "Options" and then selecting "Cookies" by clicking the "Clear Now" button. "(Clear now) Cookies are to be deleted, and you can use shortcuts (Ctrl + Shift + Del) on Windows or shortcuts (Command + Shift + Del) on Mac computers.

Google Chrome browser

In the Google Chrome browser, cookies are deleted by selecting "Settings", then "Clear browsing data", and then "Cookies and other website data" (cookies and other site data). And then he clicks on the "Clear Data" button. Google Chrome has a shortcut for clearing cookies on Windows computers (Ctrl + Shift + Del), or Windows devices (Command + Shift + Del). Mac.

Microsoft Edge Browser

To delete cookies in Microsoft Edge, you need to open "Settings", then select the "Clear Browsing Data" window and select "Cookies and Secure Websites". Data), and then click the "Clear" button.

Operating system maintenance

When something goes wrong with the computer, you can resort to restoring the operating system to restore things to their proper state, because this step brings the computer back to the state in which it was working better. ۔ And it can be done by following these steps.
  • In the search area, type "Create a restore point", which means "Create a restore point", then press (enter).
  • The "System Properties" dialog box appears, where you have to click on the "System Protection" tab, then click on the "System Restore" button.
  • Click "Next".
  • A window appears in which you must select a date and time to restore the system, then click "Next".
  • You should then click the "Finish" button to begin the system restore process.
  • A dialog box appears in front of the user confirming that they will perform a system restore and that in most cases the operation is interrupted or cannot be removed.
  • You must close any open programs or files, and then select "Yes" in the dialog box that appears, then the system restore process will begin and the computer will restart.

Other problems and their solutions

The blue screen of death anxiety

When the computer encounters a serious problem, a blue screen of death problem appears because Windows stops working completely and the computer screen turns blue, and this problem is caused by a defect in the computer hardware. Or software and this problem can be solved by following the steps below:
  • If a user sees a blue screen of death after doing something on the computer, he should cancel the move, whether he is installing a new program, updating the operating system, or a program. Upgrading Dating
  • Check that there is enough disk space, as this may cause insufficient disk on the computer.
  • Some viruses can cause a blue screen, so you should check your computer for viruses and remove them.
  • Operating system update.
  • Return computer settings to default, as default computer settings can cause BSOD issues.
  • This system can sometimes send alerts and warnings to the user, which must be verified and resolved, as these can cause a blue screen.
  • Make sure all internal cables, cards and other physical components are installed.
  • This problem is caused by a malfunction in one of the computer's hardware components, so all components need to be checked and if any, it has been fixed.

404 errors

A website error is a 404 error because it means that users cannot find the page they are trying to reach, and the user is often to blame for this error when browsing the website. It can be encountered, and it can appear in many different forms that are identical. Meaning and this problem has been solved in many ways, the most important of which.
  • Refresh the web page by clicking the (F5) button or by clicking the Refresh or Reload option.
  • Typing a URL error often leads to a 404 error, so it needs to be corrected.
  • Use another search engine.
  • Clear your browser's cache and cookies.
  • If the error only appears when trying to open a website on a computer, changing the DNS server may resolve the issue.
  • If the user tries to resolve the issue by all available means and the error persists, they can contact the website directly and inquire about the issue, as they may have deleted the page.

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