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All Search Engines for Research and Search Methods

Search Methods and What Are The Most Used Search Engines

Search Methods There are several ways to search the Internet, the most notable of which are:

Use of keywords

It is advisable to use keywords when you want to determine the results of an article search on the Internet, such as writing a geographic location, or any other commitment that shows the person the desired results.

Use Double Quotation Number

Quotation marks can be used to search for words, making it easier for search engines to show relevant results that are related to the same word and when both quotation marks are written around just one word. Therefore, it reduces the percentage of interpreting or generalizing the word, for example, if the manager is written in the general search of the administration and other results may appear closer to its contents, but in this form it " The written "manager" determines the results

Delete Additional Words

An additional word can be excluded or excluded from the search process by inserting a large or small dash or minus sign before the word, focusing only on the words to be searched, and on the extension of the search. Avoiding consequences.

Most Popular Search Engine

There are many search engines on the Internet and each of them has features and characteristics and the latest search engine globally is Google for a number of reasons, including; Ease of use, search capability, and display of search results and Google always strives to make its features easier to use than just being a search engine, but it also provides other services; Examples are: news alerts, video and multimedia, instant messaging, plus Gmail, YouTube, and Google Maps. In addition to Google, there are also engines such as; Yahoo, AOL, Bing, and others.

All Search Engines for Research

Google search engine

Google's search engine is one of the most used services provided by the company, and Google was invented by two PhD students at Stanford University, Larry Page and Sergey Byrne, who developed the algorithm. Invented Great Search listed web pages on two main bases. They are the contents of this page and the number of other web pages associated with it, the Google search engine allows its users to access a variety of information and data and is easy to use. Because it has a box for typing the search title inside, then search results are found quickly and easily, and Google search can be limited to images, for example, maps, or other Search options and Google offers search engine optimization tips for research title, spelling mistakes.
Google search engine in urdu

Yahoo search engine

It is one of the largest search engines in the world and Yahoo gives its users access to a large number of websites and web pages, and the engine was developed by David Fellows and Jerry Yang and initially ranked by title. Was limited to after that, the location of his university college was transformed into a global company with a huge investment.
Yahoo search engine in urdu

Bing search engine

Microsoft is the company that owns the Bing search engine, and it launched it in 2009, and by clicking on the link to that engine, clicks here, and it is known as Bing Browser (MSN). Yes, and it was launched. It was previously Windows Live and is considered the second most popular search engine after Google.
Bing search engine in urdu

Other search engines

Here are some other examples of Internet search engines.
  • Ask search engine: The advantage of this engine is that it does not display advertisements and even graphics on your homepage which can cause the user trouble.
  • DuckDuckGo Search Engine: This engine is characterized by its high security for the privacy of its users.
  • Startpage Search Engine: A search engine that cares about users' privacy.

An Advantage of Searching the Internet

Internet Search Features There is many benefits to searching the Internet, the most notable of which are:

Ease of access to information: Internet search makes it easy for you to find information without any effort. You can find information at home because the Internet helps the researcher to develop his research skills.

Low Cost: No one has to spend a fortune to publish their articles, and individuals and organizations can provide timely information to millions of users.

Abundance of Information: The Internet contains a vast wealth of information and articles useful for science and research. It is a new and comprehensive source of information and anyone can find a topic through the internet.

Domains of Internet Use

The field of Internet use covers all areas of life and the most notable areas of Internet use include:

E-Commerce: It is now possible to buy and sell online transactions using credit cards.

Email: With this service available on the Internet, the user can get or send the information they want without having to worry about other information.

Communicating with the world: The Internet allows its users to see the latest world news through specialized news sites.

Low-cost phone call: This is done by connecting a computer to a microphone or camera to transmit audio and video.

Criminal Field: The Internet has been used to inform the public about the publication of pictures of criminals and suspects, and the fight against crime and terrorism, and the war on drugs, in keeping with criminal files. This is done by monitoring their movements.

Scientific fields: such as performing surgery through the Internet. Internet Service Provider Definition an Internet service provider is defined as a company that allows users to access the Internet through various media, such as optical fibers, copper wires, or satellites. Through and the type of internet service connection varies according to the user's request.

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