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Create a Blog BlogSpot

What you Should do After Creating a Blog BlogSpot

If you've recently created your new blog Blogspot, here's the question. You have to think about what you should do after creating a blog so that you too can make money by creating a blog and become a successful blogger.

There are so many ways to make money on the internet today, blogging is a great way to make money, but if you think you can start making money right after you create a blog, you are wrong.

Since you can't make money just by creating a blog, you must first fully prepare your blog so that you can promote your blog after Google AdSense approval.

Most new bloggers don't know what to do after creating a new blog Blogspot so that you can make money from the blog and become a successful blogger, today we are going to give you complete information about what you do after creating a blog Blogspot.

What to do After Creating a Blog Blogspot

By the way, you see a lot of articles about blogging on the internet, but you don't get a complete blogging course on any blog and if you don't know which topic comes after the blog topic, because there are new bloggers.

So, in today's article, we will try to give you complete information after creating a blog.

1. Change the blog template

When you create a new blog you get the default blog template that you have to choose, but you can change the template of your blog and design your blog like a professional blog Are

On Google, you will find many free templates that you can use to design your blog well or you can use the Blog Pad templates.

Before using any blog template, keep the following in mind.
  • Must be a mobile friendly theme
  • SEO should be a friendly theme
  • Easy and user friendly theme
  • Should be fast
  • Should be easy navigation

2. Create a blog logo

Every blog has a different logo that identifies your blog so after creating a blog, design a unique logo for your blog that represents your blog.

3. Create a Blog Favicon

Like a blog logo, your blog has a fan that must be installed because it makes your blog professional.

4. Customize the Blog Menu

Then when you change the template of your blog, you have to customize the blog menu and add a link to your blog category and menu.

5. Customize the Blog Header/Footer

After changing the blog theme, additional links appear in the header/footer, which you have to customize or delete the extra link.

6. Add/Delete widgets

When you create a new blog, it has a lot of widgets that slow down your blog, so you need to remove those extra widgets and add the necessary widgets to your blog.

7. Basic Blog Settings

After creating a blog, you have to do the basic layout of the blog such as blog description, meta tags, search preferences, comment layout, etc.

8. Make the Blog an Important Page

On each blog, you will find important pages that require Google AdSense approval.
  • About us
  • Privacy Policy
  • Terms and Conditions
  • Contact us

9. Custom Domain

If you use Blogger.com to create a free blog, you get a subdomain with it, so after creating a blog, use a custom domain that is the best SEO for your blog. Read about what a domain is and how to buy a good domain.

10. Use an HTTPS

Use HTTPS on your blog, it increases the security of your blog and using it also increases the speed of the blog and if you create a free blog on Blogger and use a custom domain If so, enable HTTPS to enable your blog. It provides free and paid services.

11. Add Social Media Buttons

If you like your blog article, it is very important to have a social media share button on your blog, they can share it on social media which will benefit you.

12. Create Social Media Accounts

When you start a new blog, initially you can't get traffic from search engines and to increase the marketing and value of the blog, you can create an account on social media in the name of your blog and drive traffic from there.


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