How to Make a Unique PowerPoint Presentation


PowerPoint is a Microsoft Office program and specializes in creating PowerPoint presentations. It includes a number of features that make the presentation easier, and it should also be noted that I've included many other programs, such as Word, Excel, Access and others, and all the programs in the package in 35 different languages. Are Collaboration, and the first version of this package was released in 1990.

Create a Presentation Using PowerPoint
Create a Blank Presentation to create a new presentation without any content in PowerPoint, follow these steps:
  • Click the "File" button
  • Click the "New" button on the left side of the window.
  • A new offer will be shown to the user.

Create a Presentation from a Template
Templates are pre-designed presentations, and can be designed by Microsoft or other parties, and the use of templates helps a lot in creating user presentations.
  • Click the "File" button
  • Click the "Create" button
  • Use the search box at the top of the window to find the preferred template.
  • Click the template used, and then click the "Create" button.

How to Make a Unique PowerPoint Presentation

Giving a great PowerPoint presentation is a skill, and it's something anyone can make and improve.

Being an inspirational speaker or celebrity presenter doesn't have to be your overall goal - you can be an effective and efficient speaker in a variety of ways.

You can learn professional handling which will help you to make a great presentation and professional presentation.

The offer can feel overwhelming. It's hard to say right now, even if you just get into it. That's why I've broken the art of creating presentations in practice lists and initiatives that you can easily follow in this tutorial.

We combine technical expertise in Microsoft PowerPoint with the best way to present information. This tutorial will give you a clear set of steps to write and create a successful presentation.

Always follow a step-by-step process to learn how to create a high-quality PowerPoint presentation that you are ready to present to an enthusiastic audience.

The following is a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation.

Getting Started: When PowerPoint starts, a blank slide appears, in which the first title is typed. Typically, this first page can be used to start a PowerPoint presentation, where titles and subtitles are typed. This is the first page of the presentation

Create a slide: You can add text to the subtitled box, and this box can be deleted if the user does not want to insert text, and this is done by clicking on the edge of the box, then select the "Delete" icon. Is. And to place an image on the first slide you have to go to the insert icon. Enter "Menu Bar", and then select an image from your computer

Inserting a new slide: After completing the design of the first slide, you will need to create other pages, and it will go to the menu bar at the top of the page, then "Insert and New" this "slide" icon Will be done by selecting, and thus a blank new slide will be added. Images and text will be inserted. With the "Press to add title" and "Click to add text" icons. This way you can create new slides

Paragraph text: The boxes in these slides are used for the title and the bullets should be used to insert text in the form of bullets, and the bullets can be deleted if not needed.

Slide Design: To design a slide, go to the "Format" icon in the menu bar, then select the "Slide Design" icon, and the user's design options will appear on the right side of the PowerPoint page. Will apply the design, the design applies to all slides.

Slideshow: You can preview the user's slideshow by clicking the "View" icon in the menu bar, then select the "Slideshow" option. You need to use the arrow keys on the keyboard to move from one keyboard to another.

Format the text in the PowerPoint Presentation

  • This text can be formatted in a PowerPoint presentation:
  • Select text.
  • Select the format icon under Drawing Tools.

Drawing tools hang on the PowerPoint ribbon and to change the color of the text you have to select "Text Fill", and then select a specific color, while selecting "Text Outline" is all around the text. This is done to change the color of the font, and you have to click to choose the shade, reflection, brightness or rotation.

Incorporate into a PowerPoint Presentation

PowerPoint is compatible with all other Microsoft Office applications, meaning users can export slides to Word documents or use Excel charts in PowerPoint presentations, as well as the ability to add images and sound to video. You can add it without the need for programs.

Besides that

Finally, I would like to discuss some important points.

Like any other documents, the presentation includes weight. Bigger, more stuff is inserted. This is especially true in high-quality music and video files. Therefore, you should take extra care to include better media files, as a multi-gigabyte presentation not only makes it difficult to move and transfer to other devices but can generally run very slowly.

There are many requirements for design, exhibition and presentation. Before starting work, it is better to learn the rules of management so that you do not make mistakes and do not have to repeat the final work completely.

According to professional exhibition standards, it is recommended not to make large piles of text for these situations when the purpose of these works is performance. No one will read it, all key information should be spoken by the broadcaster. This rule does not apply if the offer is intended to be read individually by the recipient.

As you can see, the presentation process involves much more skill and more steps than from the beginning. No tutorial will teach you how to create a demo better than just experimenting. So you need to practice, try different elements, methods, find new solutions.


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