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How to Buy a domain from Godaddy

How to Buy a domain from Godaddy

Many websites owners want to buy a domain, because there are so many different websites that offer their own domains, such as BlogSpot. The domain is bought to get rid of it; it is specifically to move bloggers towards payment. On the other hand, it is considered one of the terms of advertising companies such as AdSense.

I will offer Godaddy to buy the domain. Because it is considered to be the best and cheapest company through which you can get a low priced domain. The value of the domain for one year is estimated at Rs. 1400

Godaddy Domain Name Purchase Step by Step Guide:

Step 1: First you need to go to Godaddy website: Click here to go to the link Here.
Step 2: Signup for New User Registration

Create an account in Godaddy Website

Log in to your Godaddy account, type your username and password and then click “Sign In” button.
Buy a domain from Godaddy

Note: If you do not have a Godaddy account, then Click “Create Account” to create a new account.
Buy a domain from Godaddy

You can create account in Godaddy by linking your account with Facebook to Godaddy. You can create your account by clicking “Continue” or by adding your email in the Email field and typing your username in the Username field and finally add the password for your account in the Password field and then click “Create Account”

Buy a domain from Godaddy

Step 3: You must search for a specific name or domain as shown in the picture, ie it should be available at the end of the search:
Buy a domain from Godaddy

Step 4: Check The Domain Availability and Click "Add Cart" to complete the purchase process as shown below
Buy a domain from Godaddy

Step 5: Then go to the “Proceed to Checkout”
Buy a domain from Godaddy

Step 6: will provide you with some additional services like.
  • Complete domain privacy and security
  • Domain Security Ultimate Domain Protection and Security
  • Linux Web Hosting Reservation
  • Create an email for the domain that matches your domain.

Note: So it is better to choose No Thanks so that the cost of these services is not included in the price of the domain, and then click "Continue to cart" to complete the purchase of the domain.

See action steps below:
If you do not want your mail and address details to be selected, select Privacy Protection. Otherwise, select "No Thanks". You don't need it so choose no thanks.
Buy a domain from Godaddy

Choose prices if you need an email address with your domain. Otherwise, select "No Thanks". It is also not usually needed
Buy a domain from Godaddy

Once you go down, you've got it related to your Linux web hosting, choose your prices if you want to buy. Otherwise, click Continue with the "No Thanks" option
Buy a domain from Godaddy

Step 7: After opening a new window related to your product. Select the term as 1 year if you want to buy for 1 year otherwise, the default is 2 years. The duration of your domain has been chosen: one or two years, etc.
Buy a domain from Godaddy

Step 8: After clicking Proceed to checkout again, the next window will show information related to your billing, fill in your Billing & Account Information.
Buy a domain from Godaddy

Step 9: Make your payments using Net Banking, Credit Cards, Debit Cards and many other payment options. Fill in all your billing details carefully and click Proceed to checkout. Within a few steps, you can buy a new domain from Godaddy.

Buy a domain from Godaddy

Then complete the purchase by entering your purchase card number, then save and then Press "Complete" to confirm the purchase.

An email address will be sent to you to confirm the purchase is complete.

Finally, I hope you have taken advantage of this topic by keeping your domain safe. If you want a way to add a domain, I will leave this topic on my blog in detail. This statement exists.

If you are still stuck during buying a domain from Godaddy, then let me know by below comments.

Tips before buying a domain

  • Register the domain correctly with your name or email and all the data
  • Choose a short domain that reflects the contents of the site
  • It is preferred that you choose a popular and easy extension like .com. Dot org or .net.
  • It is better to keep the domain safe for three years or more because Google search engine has long relied on specific sites.
  • It is best to buy a domain after you have created your site or in the short term before completing the design of your site, as long as the site is easily secured.
  • Otherwise the name is short and the site name is long. It is better to use policing. Separate the two words because it will benefit you in search engines and this is a very important rule of SEO that must be applied to any site manager or owner.

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