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Facebook; what do you mean?

Facebook is a social networking site where people post all their photos and events, write comments and post various news. This is a website where people with accounts can post videos, play different games and chat with other people from different parts of the world.

People who want to access Facebook can access it through computers or smartphones through different browsers, or download the application for Facebook.

How to become famous on Facebook

Have you ever wondered what you can do to become famous on Facebook? You can't do that just by knowing someone and being able to use Facebook. Instead, you'll need to improve your personal account, work with others, join different groups, and your account will start gaining popularity in the blink of an eye.

Without the technical skills to get what you want, you won't go far. Whatever you choose to do, become an expert in detail.

Set aside an hour or more to practice your technique and do nothing.
Focus specifically on areas where you don't align yourself, but don't forget to build your strengths too!

Take advantage of the communities and resources you have. Art material manufacturers as well as art stores are often filled with free stuff such as literature, tutorials, videos, and various websites, tips, tricks, and much more.

Some stores offer free training seminars on weekends. In these places, in addition to developing more techniques, you can also meet other artists

Writing good content

You can gain popularity on Facebook by writing good content that is a source of inspiration for others and attracts an audience. Identify the issue you want to talk to people about so that the audience resonates. It's worth noting that the settings need to be customized so that all Facebook users can see your content.

Unique content

This includes sharing and commenting on other people's photos, tagging people in a status update, and thanking them when you increase your followers.

Join a group

Good groups are where you can meet people who can share your interests, ask for help, or learn new things. Create a topic for discussion, ask questions and listen, all of which can make your profile or fan page popular and followable.

Focus on photos instead of long content

According to Chartbeat in New York City, short posts or pictures that contain more posts than others, which specialize in content analysis and digital publishing statistics. Those posts are more popular.

Ask persuasive questions

The way you ask questions increases the number of comments and contacts from Facebook users, for example: Who is the best athlete in history? , Or why is photography so expensive? Etc., where people want to feel smart and think of good answers to such questions. So ask the audience such questions.

Balanced publication

There should be a balance in writing posts on Facebook. It's best to post every three or four days to stay in touch with others without exaggeration or inconvenience. Avoid going too far.

Participate in Various Occasions.

Join different groups, add fun and useful apps, follow your pages to tell your friends what you like, and participate in answering fans' questions.

Tips for Becoming Famous on Facebook

There are many ways and tips to make a Facebook user famous:
  • Fill in your personal information and publish interesting personal photos, it creates a great experience for fans and followers.
  • Join good Facebook groups and pages and participate effectively. Add new friends
  • As your account becomes popular, create content and balance content between meaningful and interesting posts that an audience likes.
How to Become Famous on Facebook in urdu
How to Become Famous on Facebook in Urdu


  • Don't add too much personal data to your account.
  • Don't bother others.
  • Don't include false information about yourself on your Facebook page, because people will know if you are lying.
  • Avoid adding anyone to your account.
  • Don't exaggerate your desire to be famous.
  • Some people can not accept your friend request, it's OK.

Some Hints Related Topics:

Make sure you want to be famous. Being famous doesn't mean having fun all the time. So decide how popular you want to be on this long journey. A successful local artist can earn a good income without being middle class and world-famous. Still, a great job. Also known as the best artist in your school or fan club. Fame is a taste you don't know. How happy you are personally now.

If your reputation is greater than your comfort zone, consider protecting your privacy. Your fans are interested in some details about your work and your life. You should be able to talk a little bit about why you want to get your attention and why you are drawing the pictures you are taking. You can mention your family, pets, and even your hometown. That's enough to get you started. You don't have to say what you eat for breakfast or what brand of shoes you prefer. The artist's reputation should not lead him to the routine of the "rich and famous" old man, who is usually very busy. Many famous artists are well booked, and they appear in only a few interviews. These are your paintings that are being viewed. They are more interested in relatives, close friends, other artists, and people they are interested in.

Enjoy art As you learn to draw and draw, you will begin to observe the world in more detail. If you are looking for beauty, you will find it in ugly and amazing things and even in the most unexpected places: shining in the broken glass on the floor, even the grass in the ugly old woman suddenly a paper The artist's trained vision because of the smile.

The more you learn to love beauty and enjoy art, the better you will become a painter. It will deepen your life in every way. This means that good things happen in life: the taste of wine, the feeling of food crawling in your stomach, the pleasure of wandering in the wet fields all day, for only fifteen minutes, and the aurora fog. 

Grab it on the screen and recreate it. This whole trip, in itself, is a huge bonus!
As you learn to enjoy the arts through your favorite paintings, you will realize that what you create gives each and every one of your buyers the same joy. You have found a treasure that the world has never seen before. Even if it is an abstract twist on the screen expressing anger, joy, or love, it will help someone to understand their feelings, testify, and release them.

Evaluate your work; because it is very real and valuable, its educational journey is similar to medicine and law. Talent doesn't pick a person out of nowhere and falls on him. Even artists who learn fast, or who learn at an early age, need effort. This, even if they are more knowledgeable than others who start late or learn slowly. There is a physical benefit to learning something for children. If they learn while the brain is still developing, they will find it easier than any adult.

Understand that learning to draw will allow you to change and grow as a human being. You will use many parts of the brain that people have learned to ignore. Like muscles, these functions of the brain are constantly changing and improving. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. Your understanding of colors will be affected, for example, by the way, you dress. So, others think you look better. Many of these changes are positive.

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