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How to Improve Google Search Ranking

When we launch a new blog, it is important to take a fast and strong position in Google and other search engines, to be successful in this is a sign that we are on the right track with our project, but if in What should we do if we are not well ranked? Search results?

In this article I intend to give you some legal, ethical and safe guidelines for Google to be successful with your new blog. As bloggers we are always learning and experimenting and the result of these experiences is that as bloggers we can share knowledge and guide newcomers,

Tips for new bloggers who want to make money from their blog and succeed.

Right now I'm encouraging you to share some tips that I really consider as good recommendations for success with your blog. I hope you are one of the people who work and not the lazy people who give up halfway, because there are so many things you have to do and better to succeed as a blogger Have to work And to show consistency.

Are you ready to give your customers the best experience? Can you write real articles and do it permanently? Are you ready to work under the magnifying glass of the world's best search engine with the sole purpose of learning the true basics of web positioning and meeting its standards? Google is trying to give the best possible experience for its users and any expert or noble blogger which is the way to follow!

Key blogging tips for liking Google and other search engines

I am one of those people who think that you have to drink to share some of the tricks of web positioning, but as a good Muslim I believe in sharing knowledge. I share it with you because I believe in helping.

Tricks for Google and other search engines that work to keep your position
See below:

1- User experience.

Google is the best search engine in the world and its priority is to give the user the best possible experience, this is their main goal and business and no other. Create a blog or website that caters to the needs of the user.

Your site or blog should load fast and have a template that adapts to mobile devices, offers good content. Here are some things you can do to make the user experience better:

Quality content that meets user needs:

It's not the same thing that other bloggers post more than creating their own content or adding value to it. Using tools like Keyword Planner like Google AdWords you can determine the number of people searching for X content, try giving them what they're looking for.

Original content that adds a lot of value to the user:

Your article should have original content, there is no better way to create a unique publication that provides enough value to cover your visits. Try to give yourself the best price in each article so that you can provide the price that other people are not willing to give. People will read your content as much as possible.

2- Be reliable.

Not only will users return to your blog or website frequently (which will help you rank higher), but other sites will link to you, suggesting more of your content. In this regard, see the following recommendations:

Good reputation online:

Don't publish false news or opinions that you can't support, or that you don't know, publish articles citing reliable sources and other measures. At this point, having good relationships and good trust rank will be very important.

3- Good links.

Links, quality is much better than quantity, it requires a profile on social networks: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google Plus and other major social networks to tell Google that you are a real person. Are In order to get regular intellectual attention, it is also recommended to create your own groups, fan pages, and communities from which you can brand and get traffic to your blog. That's the decent thing to do, and it should end there.

What these profiles you are creating will tell Google that you are a real person, that you are on the Internet, and that you have to responsibly develop a brand because you are serious about what you are doing with it. Time is of the essence.

4- Post, Share and generate traffic.

Use the Google AdWords tool and other tools that work well to determine the expected number of people working. Constant posting is a good sign, traffic positioning and sharing also provokes you in front of users and other bloggers who may not know your site. This will allow you to get more traffic.

I'm sure that following these steps will help Google show your blog or website in a better position.
Be sure to comment on your contribution or comment on this post for further improvement.

5-Create a Secure Site (HTTPS):

About a year ago, Dr. Pete J. Meyers wrote that 30% of the first page of Google is using HTTP. Although this has not changed

HTTPS will not necessarily harm your site, as Google made several changes in 2014 after first announcing HTTPS as a ranking indicator.

In 2017, Google announced that the Chrome browser (45% used) would begin marking sites as "unsafe".

URL bar when HTTPS is not. And after the announcement of their last warning, if you don't switch, you may start to see an increase in bounce rates.

However, switching to TTTPS and SSL, while working together can cause many well-known issues on your site if you do not.

This is done correctly. However, it has not been proven to have any significant effect on SEO.

6-Improve the search speed of website pages:

Finally, despite the launch of the Google Phone Index, mobile page speed has become an official factor in Google's rankings.

Mobile is out by the end of this year, but it's becoming Google's favorite. The slower your site loads, the more profitable your visitors lose.

And the Telegraph, a British newspaper, found that a four-second delay reduced page views by 11.02%.

7-Work to improve and develop page content:

Page optimization is closely related to the user experience, which is related to the technical components of SEO.

These aspects have been around for years and yet your target keywords in SSERP greatly affect the visibility and ranking of your website.


Rating or ranking indicators work together to help SEO marketers make a collaborative lawsuit.

This means developing a comprehensive strategy to improve SEO this year, 2020 and beyond and because of the constant exposure of the first mobile cursor, the page speed rating factor and other changes.

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