How to Have a Successful Blog and Make Money

How to Have a Successful Blog and Make Money

Once you start getting traffic to your blog, start experimenting with different ways to make money from your blog. There are many ways to make money from blogs, some of the most important ones, I am going to tell you here.

1. Google AdSense:

Google AdSense is the best source of money for any blog or website. This program is from Google in which you can show ads of Google Advertisers on your blog in return for which you will get a good amount of money.

Your blog must be approved in the AdSense program before you can get ads from Google AdSense. Google only approves websites and blogs that have good content, good traffic to the blog, and most importantly, the blog respects Google AdSense policy. About Google AdSense Policy: Google Adsense Policy Here
Can be read in detail on

Before you can get on Google AdSense Blog, you need to work on your blog for a few months, design it well, and write good content on it. Also, remember that Google does not approve of illegal content, so write only content on your blog that no one has a legal right to. To find out, read and understand Google's policy carefully at the link above so you don't have to worry about it later.

2. Other Advertising Programs:

If your blog has very little traffic or if AdSense has not included your blog in its program for any other reason then there are many other advertising programs through which you can earn money. There are many types of advertising companies that you will read about in detail later.

3. Sponsored Content:

Once you have made your blog somewhat successful, then the owners of different companies can pay you well to write about your company, website and its products. There is a lot of money to be made through this, but the condition is that the design and article of your blog should be good and it should get good traffic.

For example, if you have created a blog about "Traveling", the owners of various travel companies and hotels may ask you to write about their business, for which you will earn good money.

4. Affiliate Marketing:

 In this way, you have to sell the products of others for which you will get commission. For example, if you have created a blog about health and fitness, you can sell a variety of things that interest and need your blog visitors on your blog.

Suppose a company makes weight loss medicine, then you can partner with that company and sell its medicine on your blog in which you will get commission according to the business.

5. CPA:

In CPA (Cost per Click) program, different companies pay you when people complete an action on the target website with a specific link given to you. These actions are sometimes very simple while sometimes your visitor has to buy something on the target website. When an action is successfully completed with your specific link, you get paid for it.

 For example, the program is very popular on mobile traffic these days, which pays for simple tasks, such as downloading apps and games.

The methods I have outlined here are the easiest and most lucrative way to make money from a blog, but as you spend more time on the Internet you will find many more ways to make money for your blog. And from which you can easily make money.

Blog Profits By Selling Membership:

This is also a great way to take advantage of a blog, so that you can dedicate part of your blog to a specific service or we have some articles that contain important information, and then a blog related to a specific monthly payment Can dedicate to Subscribe Access this section.

For example, you create a forum for your blog so that you can share important information that is not available anywhere on the web, provided your blog visitors are interested.

Or, you have developed a specific tool to use your blog in your work or daily life for a monthly fee from your specific blog.

Build Your Reputation:

Using blogging or building a blog to build trust and credibility can provide new ways and opportunities to make the most money.

For example, let's say we create a blog in informatics and technology, and people start reading your blog and following your content, and then your blog becomes more popular and popular.

After gaining this popularity and reputation, people will start asking you for help, for example, an author will come to you and ask you to put his name on this book so that there is something in his book too. Have faith And you have a better chance of success and companies come to you to create ads for your products.

Just because you have an audience that trusts you, and as soon as you advise them about a product or service, they will accept it quickly, and that way you get more money will There are possibilities and you will also get free products from the companies you contract with.

But the most important thing to keep in mind when creating a blog is that this profit will not come overnight, as it can take months (or maybe years), so you should not give up and just keep working and you will eventually be rewarded for your efforts, and these are just some of the steps you can take to begin the process. Accelerate your success:

Create High Quality Content:

If no one reads your content, you can't make a penny from creating a blog, because in the end, only visitors to your blog will be able to make you money, they click on your ads. Will do And they will buy your product.

But will they do it for free? Of course, you don't have to provide them with high-quality content and then add interest to them after reading, so always keep your visitors first and foremost.

You are Not Limited to Spending All your Time on your Blog:

Creating a successful blog has a lot to do with building relationships on the web, including advertising with promoters and marketers or other blog owners, who will take credit for converting visitors to your blog.

Be sure to spend time on forums and other blogs to build relationships with other people and increase your blog's chances of success.


My friend, I do not promise you that all the ways to benefit from the blog you have mentioned will benefit you and be successful with your blog, but most importantly, Don't hesitate to try and take the time to make it a success, the method may ultimately fail, but make sure you gain experience with this effort.

And my brother advises that she does not try to use all the methods to benefit from the blog at the same time and the most important thing to remember is that now those who have achieved their dreams He started from scratch or maybe even less, so even if you have a little bit of potential, make sure you get better at them, but just keep working and get the job done.

I know that in this article, I have mentioned many ways to make money from blogging. Let me know in the comments which one you think is easier, and ask your questions in the comments.

How to Bring Earned Money to Pakistan:

Google AdSense sends bloggers money through Western Union, bank transfers and checks, while other networks have their own specific methods. Nowadays, an American company, known as "Payoneer", has made it very easy for Pakistan to solicit money from foreign countries, using which you can easily withdraw your earnings from various advertising companies in Pakistan.

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