How to Add Custom Domain to Blogger - Godaddy (step by step)

How to Add Custom Domain to Blogger Godaddy (step by step)

We start with the premise that we created a blog through Blogger. We are serious about our blog; no doubt want to exchange “” with our domain. You want to go one step further and buy your domain. You have decided. I want to talk to you about buying a domain on Godaddy and then linking it to my blog on Blogger. If you want to buy a domain through Google, go to the Godaddy website on Google. Enter the domain name you want and click Check Availability. If it is available, you can pay and get a new domain. Which you can use on Blogger.

Buy a domain from the Godaddy website

Godaddy is a leading domain provider. It is a famous company in the world in domain name registration. Godaddy is one of the most accessible and convenient providers I know of. Almost all of my domains we buy through Godaddy. They are very affordable and usually have very interesting offers.

Godaddy will have a search box. Where you have to enter the domain you want to buy. Godaddy will tell you if the domain is available or is in someone else's possession. You can buy it if it's.

Godaddy will summarize your order. Click 'Go to Registration'. You will need to fill in the personal data and configure the domain (after the period you want to purchase it). They will ask you if you want to add new services like hosting, email, etc. All of these bonuses indicate an increase in value. If we only want a domain to associate it with our Blogger blog, we ignore it. We pay for purchases (via credit card). Now you buy the domain. Then the next step begins. In which we have to link the domain

How to connect a domain with Blogger - A large number of users want to launch their site or blog on the Blogger platform more professionally by purchasing a domain, linking the domain to their site or blog.

In the previous post we reviewed how to create a website or Blogger, and in another blog, a way to secure and buy a domain or domains for your site, and in this post, we will review together. Knowing how to link the domain to Blogger, we will explain the procedure on the domain. Goddard website.

Setup a Custom Domain Blogger:

  • Log in to your blog or website.
  • Go to Settings.
  • Click Set a party URL for your blog.
  • Type the new domain or domain address of the blog and click "Save" to add www. "You will see an error because your domain has not been verified.
  • Now go to your GoDaddy account.
  • Enter DNS settings for the domain, go to the Domains option, and then click Managed DNS for the desired domain.
  • Click "Add Record" on the DNS Zone File tab.
  • Select "CNAME" in the record type field.
  • In the Host field, type www.
  • In the Points field, type
  • Click "Add" for another.
  • Now go back to the Blogger page, copy the letters below www which are as follows: 7ioaldshtvi7, and paste it into the Godaddy page host field.
  • Return to the Blogger page and copy the following characters to, and paste them into the points on Godaddy's page.
  • Click "Add" for another.
  • In the Record Type field, select a host.
  • Return to Blogger, click Settings, and on the popup page, select a top-level domain,
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page, specifically to Option 9.
  • Copy the first IP address as follows:
  • Go back to the Godaddy page and type in Host Field.
  • In the Points field, paste the first IP address as follows:
  • Click "Add" for another.
  • Return to the Blogger page, and copy the other IP address, as follows:
  • In the Points field, paste the other IP address as follows:
  • Click "Add" for another.
  • Return to the Blogger page, and copy the third IP address, which is:
  • In the Points field, paste the third IP address as follows:
  • Click "Add" for another.
  • Return to the Blogger page, and copy the fourth IP address, which reads:
  • In the Points field, paste the fourth IP address as follows:
  • Click "Add" for another.
  • And then click "Finish", and click on Save Changes.
  • Go to the Blogger page and click "Save", and the changes will be saved.
  • Now click Edit next to the new domain address.
  • Mark at
  • Click Save.

>>>Derail with Pictures

Know these steps in detail See Below:

Go to Your Blogger Account, on the Basic Setting section, “+ Setup a 3rd party URL for your blog to edit Blogger Address”
Enter your custom domain name in the domain address line “+ Setup a 3rd party URL for your blog box.”

If your domain is located in GoDaddy’s default Nameserver, click to DNS ZONE FILE to continue setting.

– In DNS ZONE FILE, edit

1. Edit Godaddy DNS Setting and add CNAME www point to and Add Record 7ioaldshtvi7 points to

After Finish, the result will be seen as below

2. Remove current A records, then add Four  @ records with IPs

Those @ records will help domain automatically redirect from non-www to www.
Press Save changes or “Add”.
DONE for the 2nd step!

Connect your Custom domain to Blogger

It will take a few minutes to update the records. Then, return to the Blogger Settings Basic tab, then click Save again.

To redirect automatically to the non-www domain, click Edit on the right. Redirect to at

This way the new domain or domain in the Blogger blogging platform will be compiled or linked to your website or blog, wait a few minutes and click on Blog View and you will see that the domain of your blog has been changed to the new domain.

Did you finish! That's all we told it very simply, right?
Hope you understand and succeed       

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