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What is URL Shortener?

When someone wants to post a link to the title of their blog, it's often too long, so some companies help shorten your links with free links short sites. When you share your short link, you get paid when people click on it and shortening the link is called profit.

Currently, the most popular URL shortener tools are Bit.ly and Google URL Shortener. But if I told you that there are many other things that can help you make money on the internet by sharing short links.

Yes, you heard it! There are many reliable, high paying URL shortener sites that can help you make quick money by posting short links on YouTube channels and social media sites.

How to Take Advantage of URL Shortener

To make money from URL shortener sites, to make money from URL shortener sites, you need to understand the mindset of your potential visitors and then publish the links they are interested in getting a lot of traffic. It will be turned into profit. Once the return limit has been reached, you can withdraw it.

The way to cut links to sites is to get your links from anywhere and then shorten them. You can post them on your sites and groups, forums, Facebook. If you don't have the resources for visitors, you can join the big Facebook groups and Google Place.

And you are in the process of spreading the link, be sure to write a short article and publish it in an interesting and engaging way that will attract readers to Click on the short link away from the wrong link - and at the end of the article, you This can be done by keeping the link and making sure you are not banned from the group. That way, visitors benefit from the information and at the same time earn money for every click on the link

To choose the best companies, you need to determine a number of factors to apply to URL shortener sites.

Trusted URL shortener sites

Reliable and profitable URL shortener  can be identified through the following steps.

  • Web design
  • Site age
  • It will cost 1000 clicks in all countries
  • Minimum payment
  • Payment date

These factors are important, but there are some sites that can eliminate one of these factors and do no harm to the company. But in that case, you need to find payment guides for these sites.

Best URL Shortener Site:

Earn Money From adf.ly

Adf.ly is currently the newest and most modern form of earning online. This website allows you to shorten your links. And best of all, it pays off. You might be thinking of getting paid to shorten links. How?? Come no business can grow without an Advertisement these days? Even on the Internet, when a new website comes up, it is first Search Engines to Submit so that visitor is on that website. Website traffic is also increased by Link Exchange. You read about Google AdSense. Adfl.ly is a program similar to Google AdSense. But the process is very different from Google AdSense.

Learn how to make money by shortening links.

Once your link arrives, after clicking on the link you have edited, some ads will appear that they can leave after a few seconds and then they can go to the link's main website and you can follow the links. They can make money. There is another type of advertisement called banner advertising. the banner of the advertisement is to be placed inside the site in a small banner for this advertisement, so this image of the person viewing your site appears in the corner or fixed And in such advertisements visitors to your page see the ad banner of the said page within a specific framework and at the top of the frame of that ad. A small link will be attached. This type of ad is the least profitable, but visitors to your page will not have to wait for a link to be clicked to see the ad.

If you use Facebook you can also earn through Adf.ly. All you have to do is, whenever you want to tell a friend about a new website on the Internet, you need to go to the Adf.ly website and paste it into the Box website. Then clicking on the Shrink button will take you to another link instead of your original link. You copy that link to your friend send when your friend clicks on that link the first Adf.ly website will be open. Then clicking Top on the right will take you to the desired website. And you will get your commission. Also, if you have a website, you can use the Adf.ly link instead of the original link in the appropriate place.

You must create a Payoneer account before you can use Adf.ly.  Because your earning will only come to you through Payoneer. Payoneer is an online bank, there are other banks but they are not allowed in Pakistan. Only Payoneer of service is allowed in Pakistan. You create your Payoneer account by clicking on the banner below and then create an Adf.ly account.

Best places to adf.ly short links:

To make money, you'll need to list a few places for visitors to click on links, use links, and post.

See below:

  • Your own blog and websites
  • Comments in forums and private blogs
  • Forum description and titles
  • Many forums allow the use of short links in posts, you can post any program description, or steps in it, and between these posts you use short links for direct visitors, which allows you to will benefit

Some tips to increase your profits on forums:

  • Find the most popular topics.
  • Provide valuable headlines to persuade visitors to use your links.
  • Engage and interact with forum members through comments and topics.
  • Do affiliate marketing on the Adf.ly platform, all you need to do is add your friends, family, relatives or anyone else to Adf.ly, you can earn 20% of their profits for life.

How much can I earn per click?

This is a good question, how much can you earn per ad click? It depends on the number of people who click on your link. Profit also depends on the geographical location of the visitors. To illustrate the estimated profit per click, you can earn $ 2 per 1,000 clicks on your short link, this is the expected average.

Some ways to improve your revenue:

  • Increase short links.
  • Create Attractive Links: Attractive links increase your chances of getting clicks.
  • Traffic volume: The more people who visit your link.

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