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Concerns about blogging?

Blogging emerged in the 1990s as an alternative to the symbols of traditional media competition, and with this popularity of blogging, especially among young people who want change and freedom, the promise of popular journalism. "Alternative Media" blogging has become popular in the region, as are many blogs, including "Scientific, Political, Social, Sports, Artistic, Environmental, Historical, Religious, Scientific, Personal, Creative". The variety of things that make some people believe that this ability has been transferred to just one hobby.

According to these important statistics, blogging is a means of communication and interaction between bloggers, scholars, creators, students, professionals, change of emotions and unity. They are qualified to do serious work, blogging and highlighting society, guaranteeing the formation of this important place, or putting pressure on decision-makers.

The debate between the media and professors about blogging has intensified, with some calling it an interesting alternative media, while others see blogging as an expression of ideas in isolation, unlike traditional methods.

Some politicians fear the proliferation of blogs, as it is difficult to impose full control over electronic blogs spread on the Internet. Blogs have been used by officials in many countries around the world to expose scandals, for example, the use of blogs to publish and expose documents against politicians in the country. Political cases have been filed against political bloggers in US courts, such as the arrest of an opposition blogger in the Arab state of Egypt who was writing critical articles on government policy. Blogs, on the other hand, are a source of information. 

For example, if protests are taking place in a country, a large number of protesters take pictures and post them on the Internet, especially if the government has suppressed the protests. There are many examples of them in Pakistan and other countries. This adds to my concern that I personally use some personal blogs to breach privacy and gather and use information for intelligence purposes. This possibility may be weak, but it happens. Going is misleading and yet, we must not forget that blogging plays an active role in the process of communication, as it is considered a link between citizens and officials. We get a lot of information from these blogs, we should know that blogs have positive and negative aspects and maybe the positive has overcome the negative.

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