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What is Blogging

Introduction Blogging has become one of the best ways to make money on the internet in modern times, with which you can earn a decent income from home. If you don't know about blogging, here is a brief introduction. A blog is similar to an online website, but the blog is updated faster than a website. Some bloggers update their blog on a daily basis, some weekly or some bloggers occasionally write on their blog. However, a typical blog is more up-to-date than any other website. In addition, people on blogs also discuss various topics, while this facility is not usually available on websites. Blogs can be personal, and large companies have blogs alongside their websites where important news about the company and the website is published. Of all the blogs created on the Internet, the main purpose is to earn a living.

A blog can be run by an individual or group with experience in a specific field.

There are many blogs that talk about the life and experiences of a particular person, he wants to share his personal notebook with people, so he shares it with people through the internet.

There are numerous blogs on the Internet aimed at disseminating personal information and experiences in various fields, such as health, beauty, personal development, food and science, and various activities that people use in their lives.

How to be a Successful blogger?

You cannot succeed overnight in a task, hobby or activity. Access is about repetitive and continuous practice that has new growth effects and provides the best.

And becoming a successful blogger is the march of years of blogging, for example, if you are the author of articles you can achieve success by writing a lot of content, provided every article, report or book you submit has a significance that The reader can. Understanding, such as helping to solve a problem, or conveying positive messages and values from the back of his story or book.

Consistency in this field is the key to success, and it would not be appropriate to call yourself a blogger when your articles and work do not go beyond your fingertips.

Also the passion and love of blogging really keep you in this field without relentless anger and rage and you basically do it because taking advantage and getting a permanent financial return from it is a job. Love before you receive

Among the qualities you need to become a successful blogger, we know that you are good in terms of the articles and literary works that you usually provide to your audience by providing information and avoiding fake news and misinformation.

In general, you should get into journalism, debate, and discussion of ideas according to the literature that respects the mind of the reader and decides on the issue he is talking about.

Remember that a successful blogger is one who is free from people, religions, beliefs and differences and this is the article that usually fuels conflict and anarchy and weighs every word. That is what he writes or says and weighs with the balance of intellect and wisdom.

An important secret to blogging success is to present articles and content in a new way according to a specific point of view and to provide the latest information and new solutions to these problems. Distinguish yourself from other bloggers.

In addition to the above, you are free to comment, accept criticism, benefit from the audience's feedback and comments, and communicate with them so that they communicate with everything you submit and always follow you.

What's the difference between a website and a blog?

Explaining what a blog is, I told you that it is a kind of website, and it is an essential difference between a blog and a website, but let me explain it further.

For example, on the Maza.com website, if you click on the "Main" tab at the top, you will go to the main page of the site, where you will find many articles in different parts of the site. ۔

Now go to a company's website, for example, a doctor's clinic, or a restaurant, and you'll find that it's a page with a set of information (such as photos of the address meeting place). Which does not change or speak. Time

This is the difference between a traditional site and a blog, because a blog is for the purpose of publishing first articles, and unlike diverse websites it is constantly updated with more articles that have a specific purpose. Is. Is, such as displaying certain information, or even performing a specific function, such as a search engine or a specific application on the web.

In this modern age, everyone on the internet needs to have a blog, even the owners of restaurants, clinics and other institutions that serve people use blogs and provide good content to their users. Should be, and that's what we'll learn in the next point.

Types of blogging

We can use many blogs to get the most out of it, you can see below.

Online Diary Blog

These blogs tell the story of the owner's daily life: what he did that day and what he had in mind. In it, you share your hopes, dreams and aspirations. Every day or week you go to your website and write about everything you did and how you felt. Describes moments in your life that close friends and family don't want to know about. However, you write online to see the whole world. These blogs do not necessarily include links to other websites. In it, you can write about your daily life. The goal is to benefit people, this blog is more useful for people who have a lot of experience in life.

Article Blog

This type of blog can contain reviews and comments on news and events, news and information. It doesn't have to be personal; this blog includes comments from other people.

Photo blog

Photos are shared in this type of blog, an example of which is Facebook.

Videocast blogs

Videocasts are the latest trend in blogging circles. They are like radio broadcasts (podcasts), but they are made through video.

Podcast blog

Podcasts can be viewed as radio programs recorded by the blog owner, and listeners can download them to listen.

How to make them? Tips for creating a blog:

You can create blogs through many sites like WordPress, Blogger, and they offer these services for free or low fee.
Here are the steps to create your blog:
  • Set a goal for what you want to write in your blog from time to time, and this title will be useful to others, and will attract readers.
  • Will your blog help other people and how will you impress them? Answer this question.
  • Choose an appropriate name for your blog, this name should be attractive.
  • Determine the site where your blog will be created, and the most popular site that provides this service is Blogger, this site is owned by Google and provides a free blogging service, and you can buy a domain in 10 dollars and can start.
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