Best Blogging Tools - How to Start a Blog?

Best Blogging Tools - How to Start a Blog?

  • Google Product Blogger
  • WordPress

Now that you've thought of an article for a blog, let's see which platform would be best for your blog. The two best blogging tools of our time are the Google product is and Open Source WordPress.

You can create a free blog on and make money from it. With WordPress, you can create a free blog on your own hosting. If you create a free blog on then the disadvantage is that you cannot place advertisements on such a free blog. This means that you will have difficulty making money from such a blog later.

If you select “” you will need to purchase your hosting and purchase a domain. Which costs money. The advantage of this is that you can place any kind of advertisement on this type of blog.

Let me tell you briefly that if you want to create a free blog, Google product “” is the best for you. And if you want to invest money and start your own blog in a more professional way, WordPress will be better for you. If you are starting a blog for the first time, my advice would be to choose Blogger, which is much easier than WordPress, but also absolutely free.


Blogger is a blogging platform. In Common Language, we can say that is a free platform owned by Google where you can create blogs and share whatever you want, whether it's a specific blog or a professional blog on a specific topic.

Blogger History

Blogger was launched by ParaLabs on August 23, 1999, after which Google bought ParaLabs, which made many features of free! On May 9, 2004, Blogger introduced a new design to add new features, such as standard web templates, that could be used for individual archives for posts, comments, and email posts, then On August 14, 2006, Blogger introduced a beta version.

Blogger Blog

  • Create an account on Blogger website via Google Account or by email.
  • Log in to your account.
  • After logging in, click "Create New Blog".
  • Choose the name of your blog that you want, and you can choose a template once your blog is created.
  • Click "Start Blog".
  • Now you have your own blog on which you can post your posts.

Some Features of Blogger Platform

  • Blogging is simple and easy, as if you were using a regular text editor.
  • Blogger templates are also easy to use, edit and redesign.
  • With Blogger, you can make a lot of money online, especially if the content of the blog is great, professionally designed and adheres to the rules of SEO.
  • What's unique is that it doesn't show you annoying ads and doesn't violate your privacy as a user.
  • The templates you use in Blogger are available for free and are more diverse, but they are constantly updated so don't worry about the development and update process.
  • If you follow Google's full website guidelines at the time of registration, don't worry your blog will never be deleted.


WordPress is one of the best and most popular and undisputed blogging platforms in the world. WordPress was programmed through a very popular programming language and the most commonly used is PHP and it is an open-source language and you can edit it and do all the programs in one language. One of the most popular sites is Facebook and Google.

The WordPress Foundation has made the WordPress program a free and open source tool for users to download, edit, delete or add to WordPress from anywhere.

WordPress platform through which you can manage a website professionally and manage websites with the ability to install free and paid plugins and templates.

WordPress Blog

  • Go to the WordPress website and click "Create Website".
  • Fill in the information to create an account on the website.
  • You will then receive an email confirming the email.
  • Choose a layout to resize your blog, change the rest of the settings, and start blogging.

In addition, there are other blog creation resources that can help you create a blog.

Mention the Following Tools:


Quora is free platform that lets you create a blog with a few options. You can also log in to your blog with Google, or create an account, and then start blogging.


A free platform that lets you create a free blog with a few options. You can also log in to your blog via Twitter or Google and then start blogging. Although you use this blog via Twitter or Google, it doesn't post anything on your Twitter or Google account, which is a good thing.

LinkedIn Blog

Surprisingly, LinkedIn has become a great place for professional blogging these days. Think of it as an average, but with a different audience. With a link, you can address individuals, companies, develop your brand, or even establish authority in the department. Although not as powerful as other platforms in terms of functionality, you can get a lot of exposure if you create great articles for the right audience.


Tumblr is a 2007 microblogging and social networking site. This is a great platform for bloggers who have irregular, threaded posting schedules, and who create content in short form. Tumblr is different from any other blogging platform, as it focuses more on the social aspect. Like any social media platform, it includes social features such as the following blogs, re-blogging, and tool sharing tools.


Wix Cloud is a website development platform that was established in 2006. Like Squarespace, Vaux offers a website building service for those who do not have experience coding with drag and drop tools. Wix Editor offers a plethora of features that help beginners create amazing websites. It is also a great alternative to square space. If you're on a budget, Wix is free. In terms of SEO, Wix does not offer best practices.


It's basically a website building system rather than a blogging platform. It is based on a drag and drop system of components, which allows you to quickly create web pages.

However, blogging is one of the most important services provided by the Weebly platform, and you can improve the shape of your blog as well as share a number of free templates that can be edited in addition to the feature. It lets you add social networking buttons to your titles.

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