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How to Write a Blog Article.

Writing a blog and an article is not a difficult task. You decide first what topic you want to write about. Anyone who can think can write an article. Allah Almighty has endowed man with intellect and consciousness and most human beings in the world have understanding. So every sensible person can write a blog. The only problem is how to put your ideas into words and make money on paper.

The writing of novices is immature while the writing of experienced and longtime writers is getting better with every article. Here's an easy way to write a blog. You must try it and teach others if you succeed.

When writing a blog or article, try to write positively. Promote the good and stop the evil. Write an article that will improve society and is in the interest of religion and country. If you promote erroneous ideas and opinions, that article will mislead people and be called a bad article, no matter how beautiful and mature its writing. An article in which positive thoughts are presented, patriotism is promoted, religion and ethics are brought closer, then such an article will be called beautiful no matter how immature its writing is.

How to Write a Blog Article in urdu

What is a good Article?

There are usually two criteria for an article to be good or bad: one is that the article contains something special or a new way of thinking, a unique idea. Even if the writing of such an article is not mature, it will still be called a good article based on the vivid idea of ​​the article.

The second criterion is that even if the old traditional words are repeated in the article, but in such a heartwarming and best words that the reader will get excited and enjoy the article. To me, these are the two main criteria for good writing.

My standard is that the good or bad of an article depends on the ideas and theories presented in it, not on the text.

What is a good Article in urdu

Stages of writing a Blog

  1. Choose a topic: For example, anyone can take a simple subject, such as a "pen".
  2. Make a cloud or circle in the middle of the paper and write "pen" inside it
  3. Brainstorming (start thinking): Write the things that come to mind about the topic in the form of points.
  4. When you have noted all the points, and then change them to complete sentences. I write the sentences that come to my mind here.

Pens are available in different colors.
Ink is used to write in pen.
Ink is also called ink which is available in many colors including blue, black and red.
There are basically two types of pens: ink pens and ball pens.
The ball pen is discarded once, while the ink pen can be filled with ink repeatedly and used for a long time.
At the nib of the ballpoint pen is a tiny hair (ball) that rotates as it writes and carries out ink with it, which is money on paper in the form of letters.
The pen is a great thing which can be gauged from the fact that Allah Almighty has mentioned it in many places in the Holy Qur'an while the 68th Surah of the Holy Qur'an is also called "Al-Qalam".
Keep marking the points you are making.

After converting all the points into sentences, sort out which sentence should come first and which later.

If the article is large, make a paragraph, it is easy to read. Correct mistakes by proofreading the article. If there is a better alternative to a word, write it down.

Take it! Your article is ready.

When working on a computer, it will be easier to move the sentences up and down when arranging them, but if you are writing by hand, you can also take care of the arrangement when converting the points into sentences.

Anyone who can think can write. Most people come up with something out of the ordinary at any time and place. We should take note of this immediately. If not paper pencil, we can also note down points in mobile phone. Otherwise, there is a risk of forgetting.

Stages of writing a Blog in urdu

How to improve writing and ideas

The way to improve writing and ideas is to "read more and more" which will broaden your thinking and bring maturity. Vocabulary will increase and ideas will be easier to put into words. In addition to reading, personal experience and observation also improve thinking. Man learns a lot from life experiences and events. If your vocabulary is wide, you can easily record your thoughts, feelings, and emotions and pass them on to others.

It often happens that you want to say something but can't find the right words because our vocabulary is low. The conflict between Urdu and English in our society has led to the loss of Urdu or English: "Neither here nor there." This is not a good situation.

In many countries of the world, the national language is the official language. The decision of the Supreme Court regarding the implementation of Urdu has also come. But unfortunately, the court decisions themselves are issued in English. Half-sparrow, half-quail, this situation should be eliminated and one language should be fully adopted.

This method is for beginners like me. Experienced and regular writers do not have to go through this process. Thoughts come to them; they pick up pens and go on writing. By constantly writing, they become experts in this field.

Repeated practice helps you to master any task. The famous English proverb is Practice Makes Perfect, meaning the more you practice, the more you will become an expert.

So keep rehearsing it until you can say it with conviction and confidence. With each step, your writing will get better and better and there will come a time when you will not even need this method. Just pick up the pen and go on writing. This method can work for you in many places. You can even use it in exams while this method is effective and proven for writing on various topics.

How to improve writing and ideas in urdu

Don't be discouraged if the blog is unpublishable

If your writing does not meet the standards and is rejected as unpublishable, there is still no problem. Now is the age of social media which has ended the monopoly of central media. You can also write on Facebook or by creating a blog site. You can create a page on Facebook. That way you won't have to worry about your writing being rejected and you won't be heartbroken.

Don't be discouraged if the blog is unpublishable in urdu

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